G-Shock G-Steel GST-B100XA-1A Review


Utilizing cutting edge materials as well as state-of-the-art tech, the GSTB100X-1A includes a bezel constructed from light-weight but extremely rigid, carbon material.

This design is as streamlined and stylish as it is rugged and tough, an all-around ideal watch for the everyday routine of work and play.

The GSTB100X-1A is additionally outfitted with Bluetooth, Tough Solar LED light illumination, and dual dial World Time.This watch’s crystal is a highly scratch resistant, clear sapphire glass which additionally increases readability and visual appeal.

Men's Casio G-Shock G-Steel Black Carbon and Resin Bluetooth Watch GSTB100XA-1A


  • Bluetooth – This watch is equipped with Bluetooth, which means you can connect it to your smartphone just by pressing a button.


  • Scratch Resistant – With the clear sapphire glass covers, you won’t have to worry about getting a scratch on this watch.


  • Solar Powered – Casio made a good call when they decided to make this watch solar powered.


  • Phone Finder – There’s a phone finder feature, which you can use by pushing the “Find” button on the watch.


  • Water Resistant – The watch is water resistant up to 200 m.


Men's Casio G-Shock G-Steel Black Carbon and Resin Bluetooth Watch GSTB100XA-1A
  • From Casio G-Shock, this G-Steel model features state-of-the-art materials, making this carbon timepiece a true one-of-a-kind
  • The band is made with black resin with a black face with blue accents
  • Highly scratch resistance, clear sapphire glass covers the face in order to enhance readability and appearance
  • To make this watch even more efficient, G-Shock powered this G-Steel model with solar power
  • If that weren't enough, this watch is also equipped with Bluetooth, which enables it to connect with a smartphone at the press of a button

In order to use Bluetooth with this watch, you will need to install the G-Shock app on your phone or tablet. The app works great, without any problems.

App and Functionality

Pairing the watch to the app is easy – all you have to do is hold the Connect button down and it will pair within 30 seconds. The app is capable of remembering previously linked watches, which is good news if you have a collection of Casio watches.


Lasts 22 Months on a Full Charge

This watch isn’t the type that keeps track of steps or offers the notification feature, which makes it a simple watch that doesn’t require a whole lot of power. With a full charge, this watch can last up to 22 months before you need to take it outside to recharge. The app will show you the solar cell status, which is a pretty good feature.


The Design

Looking at the design of the G-Steel watch, it’s obvious that this is a G-Shock – the G-shock has a more mature look than most watches. The stainless steel body has a frame that has been made from four stainless steel tubes – this is there in order to hold the case and bezel body together, and it offers even more shock resistance.

The band is made of resin and it’s blue and black underneath it, while holding the blue elements on the face. Did I mention how great the carbon fiber looks? I noticed it catches the light in a beautiful way, and the sapphire crystal is amazingly clear.

The band isn’t all that slim as it is 14mm thick, but that’s not a downfall because they used carbon fiber paired with resin, which does a great job at keeping it light in weight. It’s so light that I wouldn’t see why it couldn’t be worn on a daily basis.

Don’t let the lightness fool you though, because this watch really is tough.

Personally, I love the design of this particular watch in the G-Shock series and have found that it goes with all of my outfits. So, if you’re looking for a watch that you could wear every day, this would be a great choice.

Is this watch worth it? If you like the idea of being able to connect to Bluetooth without notifications, then sure, it is worth it. However, it is important that you understand that the G-Steel watch, or any G-Shock watch shouldn’t be considered a smartwatch.