Best Tactical Gloves


When it comes to your professional gear, it is important that you choose the gear that meets the highest standards in order to make sure you don’t put a damper on your performance or safety and tactical gloves are certainly not something you should overlook.

What To Look For When Buying Tactical Gloves

The tactical gloves you wear should be capable of meeting the following needs:

Grip – You definitely need to consider the grip. If the glove you are wearing hinders the ability to grip your weapon or restricts you from being able to use technology needed, then it is of no use. Due to this reason, many professionals have chosen to go with the fingerless styled gloves as this makes it so that they can use their phone and tactical devices. Fingerless gloves, like the Sportly Tactical Gloves, are perfect if you’re the type of person that would like to feel the trigger before you pull it. However, there are now gloves that are touchscreen compatible, like the Magpul Industries Breach Gloves, so you don’t have to choose the fingerless option, which is especially useful if you’re out in the cold.

Comfort – This is another feature you do not want to skip out on. Gloves are available in a variety of material like specialty bonded Nylon bends and leather exteriors. For comfort, we recommend a pair of gloves that have breathability features built in.

Ease of Movement – This is another factor to consider while you’re looking for the best tactical gloves. Not only should they be comfortable and offer a grip, but they should be easy to move around in. There are some tactical gloves that are designed to protect your hands from damage by using padded knuckles, like the Rapdom Tactical Attacker Level 5 Gloves. However, if the padding is too thick, it could put a damper on your movement. Also, it is important that you choose the right size of glove.

With those three factors in mind, here is a list of gloves that we have carefully chosen for you:

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves

Magpul Industries Breach Gloves

Magpul Industries Breach Gloves, Black, LargeWhile using tools, weapons, and specialty equipment, wearing the Magpul Industries Breach Gloves doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea. You don’t have to worry, because they are super comfortable, all while offering a high level of protection.

These are the type of gloves that maximize protection, without putting a damper on your “feel.” In fact, while you are wearing these gloves, you can still use a touchscreen. The thumb, index, and middle on both the right and left gloves have touch screen tips.

The leather palm with a double layer of digitally textured reinforcement feature offers a lot of comfort while using firearms. On the back of the hand, there’s corded nylon stretch fabric, so they will fit your hands just right.

These gloves run in small, medium, large, X-Large and XX-Large. If you would like a glove that is looser fitting, then it would be a good idea to choose a size that is larger than you would normally wear.

Best Winter Tactical Gloves

Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting/Duty Glove

Hatch NS430 Specialist All-Weather Shooting/Duty Glove, Black, LargeDuring those cold winter months, many people don’t want to just walk away from their shooting sports. Does this sound familiar? If so, then these Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting/Duty glove might be exactly what you’re looking for.

With shooting sports, the needs go beyond simply picking up a gun and pulling the trigger. In competitive shooting, you are required to quickly draw your gun, fire, reload to another magazine and so on. This is a technique that takes some sensitivity of touch, and of course, dexterity. You can’t just choose any pair of gloves and expect to accomplish all of this, and furthermore, you may not be able to handle your firearm safely with just any normal pair of gloves.

This is where the Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting/Duty glove comes into play – they are mostly made of neoprene, so they have a “second skin” type of feeling when you’re wearing them. Also, we couldn’t help but to notice how “grippy” they were. As long as they are properly fitted, you will be able to perform all of your best shooting movies, without compromise, all while your hands are staying warm.

All of the above is why we have labeled these gloves one of the best tactical gloves for cold weather. Also, they come from Safairiland, which is a brand name when it comes to shooting sports accessories, so you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing you chose a pair of gloves from a trusted brand.

Under Armour Men’s GoldGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves

When thinking about the best tactical gloves for cold weather, the Under Armour Men’s GoldGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves comes to our mind – this is a pair of gloves that one of our friends recently showed us and we must say, they’re really nice.

My first concern was whether or not they have touch screen compatible fingertips because we know many people that like to use their touchscreen devices without having to remove a pair of gloves. We’re happy to report that they are indeed touch screen compatible.

In order to retain your body heat, the lining uses a thermo-conductive inner coating that is super soft. Also, if you plan on using these gloves during hunting season, you’ll be happy to know that they trap and suppress odors, which will make it harder for the animals to detect you.

These gloves are light in weight, breathable, water-resistant and warm. For extra grip, the palm is silicone printed. It also features a low profile adjustable cuff.

Best Fingerless Tactical Gloves

Sportly Tactical Fingerless Gloves

Sportly Tactical Fingerless Gloves - Best Grip in Any Conditions - Durable and Breathable - Ideal for Pistol Shooting, Paintball and Airsoft - Great as Mountain Bike or Motorcycle Glove- MediumMoving forward, these gloves may not keep your hands warm during those cold winter months, but they sure are great for those summer months. Regardless of what you’re into, whether it’s pistol shooting, airsoft, paintball, motorcycles or cycling, the Sportly Tactical Fingerless Gloves might be suitable for you.

You can count on these gloves lasting for many years as they are made of durable synthetic fabric and superior construction. As an additional feature, they are made of sweat and weatherproof materials, so you can have top-notch performance in all conditions. Offering maximum breathability, there’s mesh sides and we must say, this makes the gloves super comfortable to wear.

Speaking of comfort, the palms are crafted from Ammara fabric and are padded. While they’re soft, they also offer a good grip in order to protect your hands from slipping. The half finger design makes it so that you will have maximum dexterity.

The rubber armor will protect your hands from brush and of course, enemy fire, which makes them perfect for tactical combat sports like airsoft and paintball. Of course, they are also suitable for mountain biking as well.

Best Tactical Hard Knuckle Gloves

Freetoo Tactical Gloves for Men

FREETOO Tactical Gloves Military Rubber Hard Knuckle Outdoor Gloves for Men Full Finger Gloves Black (L)If you’re looking for the best tactical hard knuckle gloves, then we believe these Freeto Tactical Gloves for men might be a suitable option for you. For this price, you’re probably not going to find a better pair than these – we have had friends that have paid triple the price for a pair of gloves, and these right here are much better.

Starting out, when you first put them on, they’re going to feel as if they have been custom designed to fit your hands. The fingertips aren’t loose or reinforced, so if you’re wearing these for shooting, you will actually be able to feel the trigger on your weapon.

The quality of this pair of gloves is something we cannot overlook – they have extra features like the breathable vents, which we personally like as this feature does a good job at eliminating hand sweats. The wrist strap is another great feature as you will have extra support, which in our opinion, would help reduce the risk of injuries.

The hard knuckle protection is great because unlike the other brands, it doesn’t move around. Basically, if you’re looking for a pair of heavy duty gloves that you can count on for protecting your hands from scratching and abrasion in activities and sports that demand both dexterity and protection, then look no further than this pair.

Best Cut Resistant Tactical Gloves

Rapdom Tactical Attacker Level 5 Gloves

Rapdom Tactical Attacker Level 5 Gloves, Black, XX-LargeIf you’re currently on the market for the best cut resistant tactical gloves, then we believe you should take a close look at the Rapdom tactical Attacker Level 5 Gloves as they might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

They are designed with your protection against attacking threats – that’s interesting, right? What’s even more interesting is the fact that they have an internal cut resistant 100-percent Honeywell Spectra liner, which will do a great job at protecting your entire hand from knives and other sharp weapons.

The back of these gloves is made from a combination of Kevlar for flame/flash redundancy and cowhide for durability. The knuckles are also protected with Kevlar and the palm and top of the fingers have been padded with extra rubber.

Don’t worry, because the fingertips are flexible, making for great trigger sensitivity. On the EN388 standard, this pair of gloves is rated at level 5 for cut resistance.


If you choose a pair of gloves from this guide, then it’s safe to say that you made the right decision. We put a large amount of research into choosing these gloves in order to make sure you got the best of the best.